Adam Smith Institute(Royaume Uni)
Doing Business (Banque mondiale)
Enterprise Africa
Imani (Ghana)
Institute of African Economics (Guinée Conakry)
Institute of Economic Affairs(Royaume Uni)
Initiative for public Policy Analysis(Nigeria)
Institute for Free Enterprise (Allemagne)
Inter Regional Economic Network - IREN (Kenya)
Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italie)
Für die Freiheit (Fondation Friedrich Naumann, Allemagne)
The African Executive (Kenya)
Timbro (Suède)

Sites/Blogs US

American Enterprise Institute
The Atlantic Legal Foundation
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
The Bluegrass Institute
Brookings Institution
The James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy
Cascade Policy Institute
The Centre for Independent Studies
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Constitution Project
Flint Hills Center for Public Policy
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Fraser Institute
The Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation
The Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page
Goldwater Institute
Heartland Institute
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution
Hudson Institute
The Independence Institute
Institute for Contemporary Studies
Institute for Humane Studies
Institute for Justice
Institute for Policy Innovation
Liberty Magazine
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Manhattan Institute
Mercatus Center at George Mason University
National Center for Policy Analysis
The Objectivist Center
Online Library of Liberty
Pacific Research Institute
Pioneer Institute
Political Economy Research Center
The Pope Center
Progress & Freedom Foundation
RAND Corporation
Reason Foundation
Tennessee Center for Policy Research
Thoreau Institute
Urban Institute
Virginia Institute for Public Policy
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